This class is taught by:

Lianne Gamble

Lianne Gamble began her career at age 17 as a professional dancer. After dancing throughout the states and overseas, she found herself injured from the physical demands of her job. Frustrated with traditional therapy, she took the advice of other dancers and tried Pilates to rehabilitate her body. The success she found through the Pilates method feeds her desire to teach others Lianne has taught classes throughout the U.S. including the "Luxor" dancers in Las Vegas and conditioning the dancers for the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta. Today she strives to aid others in reaching their own goals. Whether your goal is physical fitness or rehabilitation the Pilates Body Movement Studio is the place that encompasses it all.

Jessica Akins

Jessica Akins, was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.
In 1995, she relocated to Seattle and attended Seattle University.
This is when her love and passion for the sport of rowing (crew) began.
Jessica rowed for the women's team for Seattle U for 3 years.
In 2006, she and her husband and young son moved to Gig Harbor.
When she heard about the new Indo -Row courses, Jessica jumped at the opportunity
to row again. She received her Indo- Row certification at the Pilates Body Studio and is now teaching!!
She loves that she gets to share her passion with her students!,

Cari Thomas

Cari Thomas is passionate about Pilates, Ballet, and Life. Cari believes that to be a good teacher you must always be a student, continue learning, always keep practicing, and always stay humble. Cari loves working with all kinds of people because Pilates is for all kinds of people. Cari has a niche working with people who have physical and mental restrictions, from hip and knee replacement pre and post surgery, spinal concerns, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer survivors. Cari also enjoys working with people who have no restrictions and want a full body workout that is good for the body. Cari focuses on a full body workout to help balance the imbalances of the muscles and alignment of the body. She also focuses on having her students work hard but never strain and leave better than when they came into the studio.
Cari has been teaching Pilates for 9 years, has two full comprehensive Pilates certifications and is currently working on her third full comprehensive certification. (Classical Pilates, Integrated Balance, working on BASI) She also attends continuing education workshops for Pilates and the body. Being a former professional ballet dancer also gives Cari an eye for movement and alignment.


IndoRow- is the newest real water resistance rowing craze. Don’t be fooled, it’s not just an upper body workout. It maximizes gaining muscle, minimizes pain on joints and incorporates posture-improving movements of the leg press, hip hinge and upper-body rowing motion. You will seriously enjoy this low impact cardio!