Lianne Gamble

Lianne Gamble began her career at age 17 as a professional dancer. After dancing throughout the states and overseas, she found herself injured from the physical demands of her job. Frustrated with traditional therapy, she took the advice of other dancers and tried Pilates to rehabilitate her body. The success she found through the Pilates method feeds her desire to teach others Lianne has taught classes throughout the U.S. including the "Luxor" dancers in Las Vegas and conditioning the dancers for the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta. Today she strives to aid others in reaching their own goals. Whether your goal is physical fitness or rehabilitation the Pilates Body Movement Studio is the place that encompasses it all.

Lianne Gamble instructs the following:
  • Express Spin
  • 45 minute spin class

  • Group Reformer Class
  • This reformer class you will work through a choreographed routine of challenging exercises meant for a champion. You will strengthen, stretch and lengthen your body. Prerequisites: 5 private sessions and instuctor approval

  • Fit Reformer
  • Pilates with lunges, planks, push-ups. 

  • Group Cadillac
  • Enjoying stretch strenght and mobility

  • Express Core
  • A 30-minute workout using resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches and hovers to include hip, butt and lower back exercises.

  • Cardio Camp

  • Jump Board Reformer
  • This class is provided for the ultimate pilates workout. High Intense exercises performed. Prerequisites: 5 privates and 1 year of pilates reformer classes

  • Barre
  • The Booty Barre™ workout is a uniquely fun, high-energy group fitness experience, which fuses exercise techniques from the worlds of Pilates, Dance, Cardio-Sculpting Moves and Yoga. You’ll firm, tighten and tone your whole body without adding bulk, and you’ll burn mega-calories along the way.