The pleasant, fun staff of The Pilates Body Movement Studio are knowledgeable, expertly-trained, and up-to-date with the newest advances in Pilates techniques, providing guidance which helps their clients meet their specific fitness goals. Always attentive to individual's vulnerabilities, the instructors teach clients how to prevent injuries and also often assist with the process of healing pre-existing injuries. Consistent, twice weekly workouts at The Pilates Body for the past three years is the best fitness commitment I have ever made. The choice of many class times, convenience of scheduling, and the beautiful efficiency of the Pilates Method in combing flexibility and strength training help me feel great today and are essential components of what will keep me fit and active despite the unavoidable effects of time and gravity! I plan to be a client at The Pilates Body for decades!


Merit S. Rome, M.D.



As an active "over sixty year old" woman, I wanted a program that (a) I would stick with, (b) actually improve my physical condition and (c) look forward to going to each week. I found that program at The Pilates Body. I play competitive tennis and ride horses so I needed to try to maintain body flexibility to avoid the common injuries associated with these sports. My flexibility and core strength have improved dramatically since joining Lianne's program. Pilates are exercises that actually make sense, and work for men and women of all ages and body types.  Lianne and The Pilates Body Studio offer the best of the best.


Margaret Lapin



The owner is consistently up to date on pilates fitness as she attends many classes to maintain a high quality of training. She also extremely talented at teaching her instructors to be the best and use caution with each individuals needs. The studio offers spin, indo row, body pump, barre, and mat pilates classes as well as equipment pilates classes and private sessions.


Susan M. ⋅ September 29, 2014


World class facility!!

James G. ⋅ September 27, 2014



The staff is incredible! They have motivated me and showed me various ways to strengthen my body. After having two kids, I feel stronger and more fit, than pre-pregnancy!

Amanda G. ⋅ September 26, 2014



The instructor's here specialize in recovery from injury. I became a regular after back surgery and appreciated their careful evaluation. Pilates Body was a critical part of my recovery. Plus, it is a lot of fun!!

Karen W ⋅ September 25, 2014



Lianne is the most proficient instructor and coach in the northwest and for that matter, one of the best in the US.

Jerre G. ⋅ September 25, 2014


There are simply not enough words to express how much I love the Pilates Body Studio in Gig Harbor. Liane and Bonnie are wonderful, knowledgeable instructors and are helping me restore my core strength after a fairly serious disc issue. I feel so much stronger as a result of the time I have spent at the Pilates Body Studio, Gig Harbor.

Helen B. ⋅ September 25, 2014


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